Capstone Design and Projects

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Course Outline
MECT410 – Introduction to Capstone Design
MECT411 – Capstone Team Project
MENG410 – Introduction to Capstone Design
MENG411 – Capstone Team Project
Project Selection
Team and Project Selection Form
Grading Policy
Introduction to Capstone Design (410)
Report Format
Report Grading Form
Capstone Project Presentation Format
Capstone Team Project (411)
Demo Presentation Grading Form
Report Grading Form
Completed Projects
Design and Development of Solar UAV
Design and Fabricaton of a Giromill VAWT
Design and Development of a Micro Air-Borne WT
Design and Development of Automotive Care (Reem)
Design and Development of a Wave Power Generator (W.P.G)
Design and Development of a Pneumatic System on a Conveyor Jack
Design and Construction of Solar Furnace
Designing and Testing Different Types of Solar Air Heaters
Designing and Fabrication of Digital Monitoring System to Check Engine Operations
Design and construction of Heat Exchanger for a Solar Parabolic Dish Collector
Design and Development of Ethernet Automated Pill Dispenser
Design and Development of a Flexible Automation System
Design and Construction a Mobile Weather Data Collecting Laboratory
Autonomous Fire Detection and Extinguishing Vehicle
Design and Development of a Sliding Robot
Design and Manufacturing of 3D Printer
Design and Development of CIRCULAR-ASRS
Design and Development of Automotive Care (Reem)
Introduction to Capstone Design (410)
Designing, Manufacturing And Testing Of Different Types Of Solar Air Heaters ( SAH) in winter/summer conditions of Famagusta region in TRNC
Design & Development of Extrusion Die
Design & Development of Smart Phone Controlled Electric Car
Design & Development of Direct Garment Printer
Design & Development of Adaptable Supervised Sorting Machine
Design of a Central Heating Experimental Apparatus
Design of a flat-plate Solar Collector
Design & Development of an Indirect Solar Crop Dryer
Re-design of the ball throwing machine
Design and manufacturing of a balancing machine
Design and Development of a Small Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Design and Development of a Solar Powered Airship
Exo-Skeletal Arm


Capstone Team Project (411)
Group1 – Disability Machine
Group2 – Small Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Group3 – Regenerative Breaking System
Group4 – Ocean Carpet
Group5 – Glass Recycling  KIOSK
Group6 – Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine
Group7 – Stowage Robotic Arm
Group8 – Solar Water Heating System
Group9 – Design and Fabrication of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine
Group10 – Design and Fabrication of a Micro VAWT for Urban House
Group11- Solar Car