Cyprus Eco-House:

Eco-Applications Demonstrated in a Public Building

This project is designed to be implemented in collaboration with the Famagusta Municipality. The ultimate aim of the project is to increase the environmental awareness of the people and enhance the innovative abilities of children by using touch screen computers, clever toys and other interactive displays. The building will have a snack bar/café which will have easy access to a shop, an early learning centre and an exhibition hall. There will be an information desk for providing assistance to those interested environmental applications and a seminar room for organizing courses, seminars and workshops.

The building is to be built using local and/or recycled materials with environmental sustainability in mind. For energy-efficiency the building must be well insulated and an energy recovery system be used. Passive solar heating and cooling strategies are to be employed for the thermal comfort of the building but it is anticipated that photovoltaic-powered air conditioners will be needed at some times of the summer season. Daylighting is to be utilized in an intelligent way to reduce power requirements for lighting. Intelligent shading devices and shutters are to be designed and constructed for daily and seasonal weather changes. Special trees are also considered for shading purposes. Water recovery systems and water conservation measures are to be used and their benefits to be demonstrated. An organic garden will be developed in which the visitors can find tips on growing their own vegetables, herbs and flowers in a way that is not harmful to the environment.

The project recently received funding for the preliminary design of the building. The project team is formed from the following people:

1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ugur Atikol (Project Manager and Energy Expert)

2. Emre Akbil (Architect)

3. Asst. Prof. Dr. Serkan Abbasoglu (Mechanical Engineer)

4. Ali Azimli (Electrical Engineer)

5. Prof. Majid Hashemipour (Measurements and remote sensors)

6. Cuneyt Cerkez (Information technology expert)

Project site allocated by the Famagusta Municipality