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Short-Term Energy Policies Discussed in Panel Session

The Energy Research Centre (ERC) of the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), organized a panel
session entitled "Short Term Energy Investment Policies for N. Cyprus" on 28th of January in the
conference hall of the Cyprus Turkish Medical Association. Guest speakers were Mr Ahmet Hüdaoğlu,
Chairman of the Executive Board of Cyprus Turkish Electricity Board, KIB-TEK, Mehmet Salih Gürkan,
Chief Engineer of the Power Plants and Martyn Osborn, Project Manager of the Resource Efficiency
Achievement Project. Asst. Prof. Dr. Ugur Atikol, Director of ERC, chaired the panel session.
Prof. Dr. Halil Guven, Rector of EMU, made the opening speech where he expressed the need of
having control over the demand of energy as well as its supply.
Mr Hüdaoğlu said that the present problems arise from a lack of understanding of the technical
problems by politicians. He said “due to this lack of understanding, there is a shortage of proper
planning of energy issues.”
Mr. Gürkan pointed out that that there is a need of a new load distribution centre in order to be able to
control the power contributions of each power plant to the main system. He also said that in the near
future maximum peak demand will be determined by the summer peak demand due to the rise in air
conditioning load.
Mr. Osborne emphasized the need of avoiding electricity cuts as manufacturers experience a lot of
problems, which leads to loss of time and money for them. He said that the demand must be reduced
to be in balance with the supply. He added that according to his experience the electric tariffs are
lower than they should be.