ME008 -Workshops

The workshops include well-equipped machines, sheet metal and welding shops. The machine shop is equipped with various lathes including turret lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, shapers, and grinding machines including tool, surface and cylindrical grinders. The welding shop has a number of arc and gas welding equipment including TIG and MIG welding sets. These shops are available for use by staff and students under supervision. The workshop staff also undertakes work and projects required by industry.

ME014 – Strength of Material and Rigid Body Dynamics Laboratory

Contains following benches for experimentation and demonstration. Whirling of shafts apparatus, carioles acceleration apparatus, gyroscopes, inertia wheels, and balancing equipment are available for tests. A vibration bench is available to study the effects of various vibration parameters.

ME016 – Thermodynamics Laboratory

In the Thermodynamic Laboratory, facilities are available for experimentation and demonstration of practical concepts to undergraduate students. These experimentations include steam bench, steam engine, air compressor, bomb calorimeter, flash point apparatus and converging-diverging nozzle.

ME016 – Automotive Laboratory

Automotive Laboratory is equipped for performance tests on petrol/diesel, two and four stroke engines, and ram-jet. A variable compression ratio I.C. engine test bed is used for the study of compression ratio and timing effects on petrol and diesel engine performance.

ME017 – Aerodynamics Laboratory

In the Aerodynamics Laboratory, there are two wind tunnels. Wind tunnels are used to study aerodynamics, effect of air, aerodynamic forces and how air flows through the tunnel.  One of the wind tunnels has maximum capacity of 50 m/s with 10×40 cm test section and the other wind tunnel has the maximum capacity of 30 m/s with 50×50 test section.

ME020 – Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery Laboratory

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery Laboratory contains following setups for demonstration and study of basic fluid mechanics principles as flow measuring apparatus, Heleshaw apparatus, pipe friction loss, vortex motion apparatus, water jets, etc. In addition, small compact wind tunnel and air bench enable students to perform experiments on compressible fluids. This laboratory also contains Francis and Pelton turbines, axial and radial flow pump-turbine test rigs, and pumps of various sizes for experimentation.

ME024 – System Control, Metrology and Quality Control Laboratory

The equipments in the laboratory enable students to perform roundness, flatness, and straightness tests as well as the tests for checking accuracy of the measuring instruments and machine tools. Optical instruments such as autocollimator, angle decor, interferometer, alignment telescope, and measuring microscope are also available. The laboratory is also equipped with digital instruments and printer for statistical process control.

ME024 – Materials Science Laboratory

Material Science Laboratory provides testing facilities for determining various properties of engineering materials, such as strength, hardness, creep and impact. Available equipments include microscopes, hardness tester, impact tester, tensile testing machines and torsion test rig; other equipment is also available for stress analysis experimentation, including thin/thick walled cylinders, beam deflections, instability analysis.

ME025 – Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Laboratory

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Laboratory contains test and demonstration equipment on refrigeration ranging from small scale to industrial scale. Some benches are modular and allow connection of different modules for comparative studies. Tools necessary for servicing a refrigeration system are also available. An air conditioning bench with pre-heaters, after-heaters and humidifiers, enables psychometric processes to be studied. An experimental cooling tower is also available for tests.

ME025 – Heat Transfer Laboratory

In the Heat Transfer Laboratory, various tests can be conducted on conduction, free and forced convection and radiation heat transfer apparatus. Heat exchanger equipment is used to investigate the performance of parallel- and counter-flow configurations. The laboratories are also equipped with a hot wire anemometer and data loggers.

ME028 – CAD/CAM and CAE Laboratories

In the CAD/CAM and CAE Laboratories a full range of software and hardware is available including MasterCAM Mill version 7.0, Promodel, Mechanical Desktop, Mill CAM designer, Lath CAM designer, Genious, AutoCAD, Mastercam, and Solidworks etc. Moreover, CNC machines, Conveyors, and Robots are also availabe. The lab is facilitated with 18 computers. Computers and software are continuously upgraded.

ME029 – Capstone Team Project Workshop

The Capstone Team Project Workshop is used to exhibit devices, equipments and instruments designed and developed by undergraduate students. In general, Capstone Team Projects start at the beginning of 7th semester and are finalized by end of the 8th semester.

ME116 – Computer Laboratories

There are three computer laboratories in addition to a CAD/CAM Lab. Of these labs, two are AutoCad labs, with each one having 30 computers and a plotter. These equipments are used, primarily, for engineering graphics and engineering drawing courses. The Computer Laboratory is an internet laboratory facilitated with 30 computers.