Capstone Design and Projects

Important Announcements

Capstone 1 Project Submission Deadline 8 June 2020

Capstone 2 Project Submission Deadline 8 June 2020, Online Presentation 11, 12 June 2020

For Capstone 2: The Project Report Template should be the same as Capstone 1, however, the students must:
1. Improve the Chapter 3: Design and Analysis. Improve your Design and Analysis, add simulation analysis results, if applicable
2. Improve the Chapter 4: Manufacturing Plan: Explain the Manufacturing Plan in more detail
3. Improve the Chapter 5: Testing Plan: Explain the Testing Plan in more detail
The evaluation will be done based on the Project Report and Presentation

For more details, please consult your respective Supervisors.

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Course Outline

Project Selection

Constraints and Standards

Grading Policy

MECT/MENG410 - Introduction to Capstone Design

MECT/MENG411 - Capstone Team Project