Capstone Design and Projects

 Capstone Projects for Fall 2020-2021

Important Announcements

"IMPORTANT: Course Registration for Capstone 1, will be carried out after the process below. Students who are unable to formulate a team, chose a Project, and get the Approval of the concerned Supervisor, and forward it to Capstone Coordinator, will not be able to register for Capstone 1 this Semester."

Capstone Registration Process:

  1. Capstone Projects for Fall 2020-2021 (attach pdf above)
  2. Note for Capstone 1 Students:
    a. Please formulate your Team of 5 members (maximum).
    b. Please choose a project from the Capstone Project list above and join the MS Teams for Capstone 1 below.
    c. Please contact the concerned Supervisor and get his/her Approval via email.
    d. Please forward the Approval Email and the Project Proposal form via email to the Capstone 1 Coordinator (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Qasim Zeeshan).  
    e. Please include the name, student ID, and email ID of all Team Members in your email.

  MS Teams link for Capstone 1

 MS Teams link for Capstone 2

Course Outline

Project Selection

Constraints and Standards

Grading Policy

MECT/MENG410 - Introduction to Capstone Design

MECT/MENG411 - Capstone Team Project