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The Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) is one of the first three departments established in this University. The Department offers programs of study leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Master of Science (M.S.), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). In 2011, the Mechanical Engineering program was fully accredited by Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, ABET is a non-profit organization and accreditation board that accredits programs in engineering, applied science, computing etc.  ABET assures the quality of university programs, college or institutions. It is required by ABET that our engineering programs meet the quality standards set by ABET professions. ABET accreditation provides vast number of opportunities to students, institutions, programs and employers, for example, it helps students and parents to choose among quality assured programs. Engineers, graduated from an ABET accredited engineering program, are distinguished from others as employers seek for well-prepared engineers. Institutions or colleges continuously improve quality of their programs for better outcomes.

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