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Industrial Training - Summer Practice

In the summer of the third year, students can opt to participate in industrial training. Students are able to gain engineering-work-related experience and to learn more about real-life business company operation from internships, which last from a minimum of 8 weeks (40 days) to more than eight weeks, depending on requirements of different employers.  Students should obtain approval of the Summer Practice Committee before commencing training. Following this training, students will be required to write a formal report and present their work to the Summer Practice Committee.

The aim of the training is to give students opportunity to observe real world engineering practices in a firm, and enhance the students' engineering knowledge acquired in class through field experience, develop the students' job related skills, appreciate interdisciplinary team work, and thus enable the students to explore their career interests. 

Responsibility: When a student is sent to an external organisation, he/she will be fully liable to the organisation. His/her attitude must be according to the working scheme, rules and regulations of the organisation. For example, the student may only take leave upon approval from the organisation. To ensure effective supervision by the organisation, the student is not required to report to the supervisor/coordinator at the university, unless when necessary under certain circumstances from time to time for coordination purposes. Although the student will always be registered to the university during the training, the assessment done by the organisation on his/her at the end of the training will be taken as part of the evaluation of his/her overall performance and can result in his/her success and failure in undertaking the course.

Course Outline

Industrial Training - Summer Practice - Guidelines


Dear Students, to be valid only for this Spring 2023-2024, the following rules will apply for the MENG/MECT400 Summer Practice:

  • Compulsory summer practice will be performed for 40 working days.
  • Students must inform the company to Mr. Yasser Elmoghazy ( until 05 June. 2024.
  • Please request the ST2 Forms from Mr. Yasser Elmoghazy ( via email.
  • The due date for signing Form ST2 is 10.June.2024 for the students that will do the summer practice in Summer 2023-2024.
  • Please do not forget that you have to complete the insurance process before you start to do your Summer Practice.
  • Please use the report template for writing your summer practice report and put the evaluation cover page on it.

Dear Students, Mr. Yasser Elmoghazy is generating a Teams group, and he will do a Teams meeting soon regarding the details of the Summer Practice. I will inform you the date of the meeting from this website and via email.

The due date for report, logbook and evaluation form submission is 20.Oct.2024 (until 16:30). Submit the documents by hand to Mr. Yasser Elmoghazy (Office CE136).

Please make sure that the evaluation form and logbook are filled and signed appropriately. The evaluation form and logbook must be in a sealed envelope signed by supervisor engineer.


1. The students cannot do Summer Practice/ Industrial Training internship and take Summer Courses in the same semester.

2. After completing their Summer Practice/ Industrial Training internship, the students must register for MENG400/MECT400 Summer Practice/ Industrial Training course in the following semester. Otherwise, they will not be able to register it in a later semester. The registration for MENG400/MECT400 is not be possible for another semester, it must be done immediately following the Summer training Semester. If the student fails to register in the following semester he/she must repeat the Summer Practice/ Industrial Training.

3. Those students who take Summer Practice/ Industrial training as the Final Course must pay and register for the course. 


  • Summer Training Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Babak Safaei
  • Summer Training Assistant: Mr. Yasseer Hamed Hamed Elmoghazy (

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