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Capstone Project Selection


  • MENG303 - Computer Aided Engineering Design and other related courses to the Project as proposed by the Project Supervisor. 
  • Departmental Consent
    • The student must be in the 7th Semester i.e. must be eligible to graduate in 2 semesters.

Capstone Registration Process 

Course Registration for Capstone 1, will be carried out after the process below. Students who are unable to formulate a team, chose a Project, and get the Approval of the concerned Supervisor, and forward it to Capstone Coordinator, will not be able to register for Capstone 1 this Semester."

  1. Please formulate your Team of 3 members (minimum) to 5 members (maximum).
  2. Please choose a project from the Capstone Project list and join the MS Teams for Capstone 1 below.
  3. Please contact the concerned Supervisor with a brief Proposal including the Project Objectives, Project Constraints, Required Standards, Project Plan, BOM, Preliminary Cost Analysis etc and get his/her Approval.
  4. Please forward the Approval Email and the Capstone Project Proposal form via email to the Research Assistants Mr. Emmauel.  Please include the name, student ID, and email ID of all Team Members in your email or you can submit the Form in Hard Copy to Research Assistants Mr. Emmauel.
  5. Please include the name, student ID, and email ID of all Team Members in your email.

Capstone Project Proposal and Selection Form

Important Announcements

Spring 2023-2024 - SUBMISSION DEADLINES 

  • Projects List
  • Project Selection: 22 Feb 2024
  • Report Submission to Supervisor for approval: 17 May 2024
  • Capstone 2 Project Report Submission Deadline: 24 May 2024 (Softcopy via MS Teams, Hard Copy after presentation)
  • Capstone 1 Project Report Submission Deadline: 24 May 2024 (Softcopy via MS Teams)
  • Capstone 2 Project Presentation and Demonstration: 27-30 May 2024  (TBD)

PRESENTATION TIME : The presentation must not exceed 15 minutes.

* Submissions of Project Report, Poster, Project Portfolio, Videos, CAD Models etc via MS Teams. Late submissions will be penalized with Marks reduction

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