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  • Industrial Automation (PLCs, Safety relays, Valve controllers, Pump controllers, Other controllers and regulators, Displays, Counters, Converters ConvertersGateways, I/O modules, Input modules, Modems, Communication routers, Network switches, Other network communication. equipment, Transceivers, Radio transmitters, Access points, Antennas, Other wireless network communication equipment. Remote controls, Pedals, Joysticks, Indicator lights, RFID readers, RFID reader-writers, Barcode readers, Other automation equipment)
  • Automation and Control (Interconnects, Cable & Connectivity, Communication & Interface, Controls, PLCs, & Relay, Enclosures, Industrial Lighting, Machine Vision, Motor & Motion, Power, Pneumatics, Robotics, Safety, Sensors & Switches, Tools & Test Equipment)



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