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American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Student Section

ASME is a non-profit educational and technical organization of professional mechanical engineers. ASME Student Section, in EMU, has been established since March 1997. EMU is one of the four universities in North Cyprus and Turkey having ASME Student Section. The main purpose of ASME Student Section is to organize conferences relating to mechanical engineering topics and to share views and ideas between prospective mechanical engineers and industry.

 Mechanical Engineering Student Society (MESS)

MESS was established by the students of ME program in order to share knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. MESS has an office with library and computer facilities. MESS aims to lead mechanical engineering students to act together and share their experiences.

 Departmental Library

Departmental library consists of nearly 350 books, M.S. and PhD. theses (submitted by mechanical engineering graduate students), and undergraduate project reports. The departmental library is located near the secretary's office at the top floor of the department.

 ME Amphitheater

ME Amphitheater is located within the department building at the ground floor. It is equipped with the instructional technology in order to have an excellent teaching environment. This unit is also used for national/international seminars and presentations.

 Graduate Student`s Common Room

Graduate student's common room was established in 2010. The aim of establishing this facility is to encourage graduate students to do research and projects through sharing their knowledge with colleagues. The common room is equipped with facilities like computers, internet, and desk

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