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Chairman's Statement

Dear Students,

I would like to welcome you to the Department of Mechanical Engineering. I am pleased that you have chosen our department for your major and I hope that you would find the university experience in our department exceedingly rewarding. Our mission is to raise you as competent engineers who can adapt to new circumstances in professional life by using the essential tools and the fundamental background of the disciplines of Mechanical Engineering.

The goals of our department are to provide academic guidance to help you with program requirements, course prerequisites, course sequencing, etc., as well as to provide career guidance to help you choose a meaningful and gratifying job after graduation.

You will notice that our department has a very friendly atmosphere and we always promote a close knit community of students and faculty. All our faculty members, our staff and I look forward to working closely with you during your stay in North Cyprus in order to develop a joyful and fruitful atmosphere within the department. Please go through and make good use of this document during your education here at EMU in the Mechanical Engineering Department.

Warm Regards

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat ÖZDENEFE
Head of Department

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