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Mechanical Engineering Doctoral Program (Ph.D.)

Excellent laboratory facilities, the library and the computer centre form an ideal research environment for dedicated research students. At present graduate studies are conducted primarily in two disciplines: Thermal and Fluid Science, and Mechanics and Design.

Admission Requirements

For the Ph.D. program the standard academic entry requirement is a minimum CGPA of 2.75/4.0 (or international equivalent) obtained from a related science or engineering undergraduate discipline. The applicant is also required to have a master’s degree and submit a brief explanation about his/her research interests. Admission of applicants to the Ph.D. program is subject to assigning supervisors for their research topics.

Research Interests

Manufacturing System Design and Implementation, Prototyping in Product Development, Virtual Reality, Laboratory Equipment Design, Mechanical Processing of Engineering and Engineered Materials, Implementation and Testing, Artificial Intelligence in Optimizing Manufacturing Processes, Energy Management, Solar Energy, Solar-Thermal Applications, Solar Desalination, Computational Heat Transfer, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Thermo-Physical Properties of Nanofluids, Convection Heat Transfer with Nanofluids, Convection in Porous Media, Internal Combustion Engines, Power Plant Design and Operation, Bio-mechanics.


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Course Title Credit Lec. Tut.
MENG600 Ph.D. Thesis

This course is PhD project course. All PhD candidates must complete their projects to be eligible to enter into defend jury.

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REQ1 Elective Course 3 3 -
REQ2 Elective Course 3 3 -
REQ3 Elective Course 3 3 -
REQ4 Required Course 3 3 -
REQ5 Required Course 3 3 -
REQ6 Required Course 3 3 -
REQ7 Required Course 3 3 -
MENG699 Ph.D Qualifying Exam

This course is a must course for the PhD candidates. Every PhD candidate must take this set of examinations related their field to be eligible to continue their study.

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MENG698 Seminar

This course is designed for PhD students of Mechanical Engineering Program. Course is simply divided into four main sections as research, writing, contribution to science and presentation.

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