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Industrial Training Report

Summer practice report template

Sample report


Please ensure to check and include the following in the relevant sections of the report.

  • REPORT: Format of the report is according the sample format.
  • COMPANY CLASSIFICATION (SIZE): SME, Large Enterprise, etc, No of employees 
  • COMPANY CLASSIFICATION (SECTOR): Automotive, Agriculture, Construction, Chemical, Defense, Energy, Food Manufacturing, Healthcare, IT, Oil and Gas, etc. Please classify according to Global Industry Classification Standard - GICS 
  • ORGANOGRAM: Organizational Structure of the Organization/Company.
  • MAJOR PRODUCTS: Identify Products and Processes in company, organization.
  • PRODUCTION VOLUME / SERVICE: Specify the Production Volume, Service Takt time etc.
  • MANUFACTURING: Identify and discuss the Machines and Processess.
  • MATERIAL HANDLING: Identify and discuss the Material Handling & Storage Practices and Requirements.
  • MANUFACTURING/PROCESS LAYOUT: Use a Flowchart to explain the process or working of the company/organization.
  • QUALITY CONTROL: Discuss the Qualty Control practices at the company/organization.
  • OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY: Discuss the HSE practices at the company/organization.
  • STANDARDS: Identify and discuss the Standards used in the company, organization. Specially the Product Qualification Standards, Quality Management System (ISO9001, AS9100 etc), Material Handling and Storage Standards, Manufacturing Process Standards, and Health & Safety Standards etc. (In the report as well as in the Appendix)
  • BROCHURE OF COMPANY PRODUCTS/SERVICES: Please include the Brochures of the Company Products/ Services in the Appendix
    • VENDORS/ SUPPLIERS: Identify and discuss the Vendors and Suppliers. Provide contact details in the Appendix.
    • BUYERS/MARKET: Identify and discuss the Buyers/Market. Provide contact details in the Appendix.
  • CURRICULUM VITAE: Please include your CV/ Resume in the Appendix
  • REFERENCES: Style of References, Reference Citation, Captions of Figures & Tables. All figures and tables need Numbers, Titles. They may also need Citations next to the title. Any image, figure, table, data, equation, modelxt etc taken from another source must be cited. Please cite using APA Style in Mendeley.
  • FIGURES: Please appropriately use figure, flowcharts and schematic diagrams. All figures must be labelled. A picture without labelling is not a Figure.
  • TABLES: All TABLES must be captioned.
  • LANGAUGE: Double check the Language, Spelling, Grammar, etc


In academia you bear responsibility for what you write and using somebody else's work without acknowledging the fact is highly unacceptable. Indeed , plagiarism is taken very serious by academic institutions and, thus, you should ensure that you take every effort to avoid it by being completely honest in your work. It is regarded as an infringement of academic principles, casts doubt on the author’s entire work and is a breach of ethical and, on occasion, legal copyright standards. Similarly , Plagiarism is NOT tolerated at EMU. A plagiarized assignment or report can even be awarded a mark of zero, without the opportunity for a resubmission.

  • Piracy: Obtaining someone else’s printed or electronic version of work or applications of art and presenting them under one’s own name without giving appropriate credit;
  • Presenting others’ research findings or ideas and applications simply by using different words or expressions or by changing part of it without giving credit;
  • Submitting or presenting part of someone else’s printed or electronic version of work as your own, without giving any reference as required by academic publication rules;
  • Presenting someone else’s ideas, findings and artistic applications as one’s own, without making any appropriate attributions in a manner that would leave no room for suspicion and that is parallel with the original source or the artistic applications;   
  • Failing to present others’ ideas, findings and artistic applications in a manner that would show that they are citations;
  • Failing to provide information regarding the source of the quote or providing partial information regarding the source..

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